2014 London Summer Circus @HAT

A week-long intensive workshop for all levels that will help you create your act and gain practical knowledge of the London Circus scene.

Workshop Dates:
Sunday June 22nd– Thursday June 26th 2014
Optional extra dates to enjoy the 
Greenwich & Docklands International Festival:
Fri/Sat June 20 - 21 
Fri/Sat June 27 - 28
The Experience
This will be a high-energy week; incredibly engaging and interesting and also be both physically/mentally demanding.  Combining theory as well as practical practice, it will be a highly interactive week where the more energy, openness and positivity you bring, the bigger the reward. The group will be small and focussed, giving your commitment and input considerable impact.

Your time will be divided between the following locations:
50% Main Workshop Space - Hangar Arts Trust, Unit 7a Mellish House, Harrington Way, London SE18 5NR
25% Touring London venues specialising in showcasing circus  
25% Optional activities and free time both on and off the premises at HAT

You will focus on creating circus acts/circus shows and how to get them in front of and into venues for performing. We'll also look at how you can teach performance & action to students through practical, task-based exercises.

We will take you through the journey of creating your own act, working together to turn their acts into a show and presenting that show to others at the end of the week (we have arranged a small audience for you).  It is essentially a 15 week course that we deliver to our students that has been condensed into a one week intensive knowledge-transfer experience.

Who we are: HAT (Hangar Arts Trust)
The Hangar Arts Trust is a London-based circus charity that provides affordable circus practice and performance space to artists and helps the general public to improve their wellbeing  through circus skills training.  HAT encourages local engagement via Community Circus Days (a social circus programme), and courses for the disabled/those with learning difficulties. HAT runs a Youth Circus programme, the CircusAbility project for the disabled and discounted/free workshops for the community and local schools. We support new work and encourage individuals and independent companies to achieve creative excellence and financial sustainability. We do this by providing affordable spaces with flexible rigging, plus an educational, creative and commercial network for them to work within. HAT is collaborating with the professional performance company Aircraft Circus to deliver this mobility – they serve as our in-house training team as well as devising and producing their own shows.



Who it's for:
All levels of performers - from inexperienced to the very experienced
Those who want to create acts to perform
Those who want to collaborate with other in performance
Those who want to get their work into venues
Those who have an interest in how circus is funded in the UK
Those who have an interest in how the circus business works in London
Those who have an interest in directing shows

• Theoretical classes and discussions about creating circus for an audience
• Practical sessions working towards Act Creation
• Tours of London's circus venues
• Meeting the senior management of London venues to understand how they commission work, and how they partner with artists to create and host shows
• Tour of the UK’s National Centre for Circus Arts and a meeting with their CEO
• Trip to Jackson’s Lane to see the AirCraft Circus show – ‘Midnight Circus’ (created with the support of HAT), including back stage tour and a meeting with Jackson’s Lane Artistic Director to understand how the partnership came about
• Meeting with Arts Council England to understand how circus is funded in the UK
• Presentation on Hangar Arts Trust and how it survives & thrives
• Evening events at Greenwich and Docklands International Festival
• The option to help teach our CircusAbility session for children with learning disabilities
• Opportunity to take a flying trapeze class
• Opportunity for personal practice time, with knowledge and skills sharing
• Opportunity for trained climbers to visit our neighbouring climbing wall during free time

London Summer Circus Course Cost: £495 

What's Included in the Fee?
• The full workshop programme with over 20 hours of instruction
• Exclusive visits and tours to London circus venues
• Access to senior staff at London circus venues for questions/discussion
• Your ticket to see Midnight Circus at Jacksons Lane
• AirTime aerial practice sessions 
• Climbing wall visit
• Flying trapeze class
• Breakfast - food will be provided for a do-it-yourself breakfast on course days*
• Lunch - lunch will be provided on course days*
• Drinks - Access to tea, coffee, water, fruit and biscuits will be available throughout the week at HAT
* All meals will have suitable options for vegan, vegetarians and meat-eaters.


Additional Expenses (Not included):
• Travel
• Food apart from the breakfasts and lunches (as detailed above)
• Accommodation 
• General spending money

Daily Schedule

Breakfast together at HAT
Classes/Group Activities
Lunch Break
Visits to London circus venues for private tours and talks with their artistic directors and senior staff
Free time with an organised a set of optional activities for you that include circus shows, classes and activities
(all free of charge for course participants)

HAT opens its space to performing artists for their own individual practice and creation needs.  During your visit to London you will have full access to the daily AirTime practice hours, located on the Mezzanine level at HAT.
Available practice equipment includes:
Chinese pole
Acrobatics mats
Equilibristic equipment

What you will need to bring to London
• Course Fees (£495) - Payable in cash or via bank transfer
• Health insurance
• Information you think we should know about any medical conditions (this will be kept entirely confidential)
• Your own music for your performance routine
• At least two items of characterful costume/accessories that you are prepared to share
• 10 inspirational images that inspire you and your act (not necessarily circus images)
• Your curiosity and goodwill

Looking after you during your stay
• The people looking after you on your trip will have been trained in the following:
• First Aid
• Mental Health First Aid
• Suicide prevention
• The functional/operational aspects of Hangar Arts Trust
• Circus Teaching, Safety, Rigging and Performance

Events, Sessions & Activities
• Trips and Tours
You will travel from HAT as a group. Trips include visiting other circus venues around London with a tour of the buildings and the opportunity to hear talks from senior staff. All sessions will involve a Q&A so you can explore your own thoughts and questions with the people who fund circus in London as well as venues, schools and circus management in London.
• AirTime
Use of HAT rigged space to practice, train, share skills and share knowledge
• Mencap Session 
A mixed circus session for children with learning disabilities aged 8 - 13
• Climbing Sessions
HAT has great neighbours – we live next door to South London’s largest climbing wall – The Reach. We have arranged for you to have free climbing sessions if you are an experienced climber.
Greenwich & Docklands International Festival
• HAT Introduction Session 
Discussion of the business model of HAT, how circus works in the UK, funding your work in the UK, how HAT works with artists to help them raise funding – where circus sits on the London arts landscape.
• Session 1
What is Circus? – a workshop to discusses and question traditional, contemporary, new and old styles.
• Session 2
Music - interpretation/tone/rhythm/counting/moving to music. Costume – experimenting with costume and practical play. Managing Value – assessing the value of creative work in terms of monetary/artistic/brand value. Creating for an audience. Risk in Circus – perceived vs. real risk, high risk tricks and acts.
• Session 3
Act Creation process and using visual imagery to create content. Creating/working from mood boards
• Session 4
Act Creation continued. Masking technical transitions, theatrical traditions and creating links.
• Session 5
Reflection and feedback on Midnight Circus at Jacksons Lane – discussion about working with the venues and the process of success and failures.  Act Creation final rehearsal, followed by Act Evaluations, then a feedback workshop.