AirCraft Circus Academy Adult Circus Classes


Here at AirCraft Circus Academy we believe in making the impossible possible for people who want to learn or use circus arts to enrich their lives.

We provide a safe and FUN environment where people are both challenged and cherished. 

Whatever your age or ability, you have the potential to shine!



You may associate circus with the traditional big top tent, with red-nosed clowns, candy floss and acrobats flying around. However, there's more to circus than meets the eye.

You may have even dreamed of flying through the air, but thought you never could.  WELL YOU CAN!

Here at AirCraft Circus Academy literally anyone can run away with the circus! We offer weekly classes in many disciplines including: static trapeze, flying trapeze, silks, hoop, rope, straps, handstands, acrobatics, acroyoga and human pyramids. 





Circus training is so unique, literally the whole body is involved in a way like no other. The benefits are endless:

Physical: Toned, core strength, agility, flexibility, cardio, muscular endurance, better metabolism, joint mobility, injury prevention

Psychological: Increase confidence, self esteem, self worth, reduce stress, pushing boundaries, taking you out of your comfort zone, overcoming fear

Other: Fun, inclusive, learn new skills, non-competitive, friendly atmosphere, meeting new people, sociable, feeling of belonging, increase quality of life, personally rewarding 

 There is no better place in London to start your circus journey!

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