AirTime is independent practice time for professionals and students (16yrs+) to build on their strength and practice skills that they have already been taught.

In order to utilise AirTime you must be a member (£30 per year) and complete an Induction (£20).  To book an induction please call reception on 020 8317 8401 or email

AirTime Sessions cost £11 which allows you use of the Aerial Studio and equipment or you can buy a 10 Session Carnét Card for £85  (valid for 4 months from date of issue).  

There is an option for those professionals who are just visiting London to pay a slightly higher rate for non-member professional practice (£14), but you will be required to produce a professional CV and insurance details on arrival.  You will be required to fill out our membership form and agree to our Space Rules and Terms and Conditions.

AirTime Hours

All aerial equipment, Chinese pole and air track are available during AirTime hours.  Extended evening hours are restricted to specific apparatus as noted below.

1300 – 1900 & extended 1900 – 2100* (*Rope, Fly + 3 single points)

1300 – 1600 & extended 1900 – 2100* (*All aerial, Chinese Pole + 4 single points)

1300 – 1900 & extended 1900 – 2100* (*Chinese Pole, Static, Fly + 1 single point)

1300 – 1900 & extended 1900 – 2100* (*Static, Silks, Rope + 3 single points)

1300 – 1630* (*All aerial, Chinese Pole + 4 single points)

1300 – 1700* (*All aerial, Chinese Pole + 3 single points)

1430 – 1630* (*All aerial, Chinese Pole + 4 single points) 

Note: hours of operation are subject to change.  Cancellation would be posted in the space and on the social media pages, call or email if you have any questions.

Health & Safety: 

AirCraft Circus Academy make every effort to make training sessions as safe as possible.  Due to the nature of physical exertion involved we recommend a proper warm-up and cool-down procedure before and after every training session.  Always remember to check your rigging before using aerial equipment, and use a safety mat.