Cornelius Atkinson

Aerial and Acrobatic Trainer - Performer

Cornelius was born and raised in London. He started his circus training with Albert and Friends Circus school when he was just 8 years old. Aged 15 he was one of the youngest students to attend our full time circus arts course here at AirCraft Circus Academy.

By 16, Corn was already performing with AirCraft Circus Performance as part of Madame Pain's Boudoir Circus, and Midnight Circus. Aged 18 Corn took a trip across the atlantic ocean to train at the presitgeous Ecole Nationale de Cirque, in Montreal. At 22 years old Corn was signed up with Cirque Du Soleil and became a performer in one of their newest shows 'Crystal'.

Currently back in London due to temporary closure of all circus shows, Corn is training and teaching here with us at AirCraft Circus Academy. Corn specialises in acrobatic disciplines, straps and doubles trapeze.