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Corporate Events & Teambuilding


Feel like you could be a high flyer, but you’re getting close to the wire? Having trouble keeping all your balls in the air at once? Want to juggle a few more ideas? Nothing describes the world of business better than circus: the adrenaline, the highs and lows, the leaps of faith, the risks and the people around you to catch you if you fall.

No corporate event is so transformative for your team as time spent with Aircraft Circus. In a safe environment, we’ll take your staff on a physical journey into the world of circus. 

Your team can demonstrate, explore and develop key qualities of trust, awareness, courage, focus and spontaneity through the following core circus skills:

Fly through the air with the greatest of ease … The FLYING TRAPEZE is all about taking a risk, being in the moment and acting on instinct. But you’ll only be the high flyer if you listen to the information you’re given by your team. And what better way could there be to demonstrate trust in your team-mates then hanging from their arms 50 foot in the air (don’t worry, there’s a net!)

Learn the art of total support as you and your team mates use each other’s hands, feet, shoulders and back to ACROBALANCE. You’ll develop your trust, awareness and sensitivity, as you discover that even the slightest movement can shift the balance and transform your leaning tower of Pisa into an Arc de Triomphe!

Keep your eye on those balls… At Aircraft we believe that anyone can learn the art of JUGGLING three balls – not only by themselves, but as a group! Our innovative approach to juggling teaches spatial awareness and focus.

STATIC TRAPEZE is just as it sounds – the trapeze bar stays still and you do all the movement. It takes stamina, determination and self-belief, but by the end of a session with Aircraft you’ll learn the satisfaction of achieving the core moves necessary to put together a basic routine. Because static is all about flair, performance and presentation – it’s showtime!
Throughout the day you’ll also learn the responsibility of committing to ‘spot’ (physically support) another team member – to take responsibility for their safety and assist them in their moves.

We’ll work with you to design a corporate event or team-building exercise that’s tailor-made to your needs in the location of your choice. If your location is already fixed, we can provide the rigging, skills and expertise to seamlessly build a circus component into your day or evening.


At Aircraft Circus, we provide you with one consistent point of contact who will liaise with you to create a unique, affordable and inspiring corporate event or team building exercise that you and your team will never forget. Whatever your preference, once you decide on Aircraft Circus, you can relax in the knowledge that we’ll take care of everything – booking you the best circus trainers in the UK, sourcing outstanding caterers, and ensuring all aspects of your comfort and safety.

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