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Intermediate Course

"They call it an intensive Course, and oh yes it is! You'll feel every single muscle in your body moan! Having trained as a dancer I wanted to add some more skills to my craft. It really was worth it, I've gained a great deal out of this, met amazing people, outstanding teachers and am so glad to have been part of the Aircraft Circus family. Especially if you don't only want to train on one apparatus but get a wide range of skills!"
(Anna Zant, Level 2 Course Student Spring 2015)

AirCraft Circus Intermediate Course in Circus Arts 
21-week, full-time, intensive traning course for adults  
Monday 5th February to Wednesday 27th June 2018


The AirCraft Circus Intermediate Course has been designed for students who already have a foundation in circus arts. Entry is automatic for those students who have completed the Foundation Course in Circus Arts with AirCraft Circus but of course we welcome students wishing to join us from outside.

Who are we looking for?

You may already be a professional performer within the industry with 2 or more key circus skills who wishes to round out their skill base.

You may be an intermediate adult student with the goal of becoming a professional artist.

You may have completed the Aircraft Circus Foundation course in Circus Arts or perhaps you are a student who has completed a similar programme at another school.

What do we require for entry?

During the audition students entering the Intermediate Course need to demonstrate good intermediate knowledge of 2 key circus skills together with a good understanding of the skills below.

What does this mean?

As a minimum you will need 20 hours experience or 15 technical classes from a reputable school or trainer in the following: Acrobatics, Chinese Pole, Aerial Hoop, Rope, Silks, Static Trapeze and Flexibility. If you are lacking experience in some of these 'core' skills we can organise a 'preparatory programme' with technique that is required from our syllabus to get you up to entry level before you begin. This can be completed at our school or at another institution. Please contact the course director for a breakdown of these requirements.

What do you 'not' need prior experience in?

Previous experience in Straps, Doubles Trapeze and Flying Trapeze is not required but will be part of the intermediate training programme.

The AirCraft Circus Intermediate Course runs for 21 weeks Monday - Friday, 9.30am - 5.00pm. Within this timeframe we have included two well earned breaks: 3rd to 7th April and 22nd to 26th May.

What does a general day look like on the intermediate course?

The group will be led for warm-up, conditioning, handstands and floor based acrobatics and acrobalance to maintain strength and build ensemble skill. This will be followed with your intermediate class in core aerial (straps, doubles trapeze, static trapeze, hoop, rope, silks, flying trapeze). Some days will include performance, movement and theory. The days will be rounded off with stretching skills including flexibility and yoga. The final 4 weeks of the course will be an intense Show Creation Process, working towards an end-of-course ensemble performance showcasing your skills as a performer and within your group.

Skills covered include:

Aerial Core - Static Trapeze, Hoop, Rope, Silks, Straps, Doubles Trapeze and Flying Trapeze

Acrobatic Core - Tumbling, Acrobalance, Chinese Pole, Handstands and Trampet

Performance - Improvisation, Ensemble, Physical Theatre, Act Creation and Production.

Production Technical Skills - Rigging and Safety

Complimentary Skills - Yoga4Aerial, Conditioning, Flexibility and Theory

Example timetable for weeks 1-16 (from week 17 we are focusing on Show Creation):

* Show Creation: Improvisation, Ensemble, Physical Theatre and Solo Act Creation.

(Please note this timetable is presented as a typical weekly schedule, the exact course schedule is likely to be different.)

For more information and applications please see prospectus below or contact

"The course was the best thing I've done in my life. The atmosphere at AirCraft is really good and you end up becoming like a family. The teachers are always happy to help with questions about circus, and also there to support you and talk to if you need any other help. Definitely a course worth doing."
(Beth Jarvis, Level 2 Course Student Spring 2015, now studying on the degree programme at National Centre for Circus Arts)

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AirCraft Circus Intermediate Course Prospectus:

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