Intermediate Course in Circus Arts - Auditions

The Intermediate Course runs twice per year:
January/February to April/May
August/September to December

Entry to the course is by AUDITION ONLY (Facebook Event). Auditions are FREE and held on location at AirCraft Circus Academy. Video auditions will be accepted from those outside of London/UK.

You will be required to demonstrate:

- Strength exercises such as pull ups, leg lifts, rope climb, press ups, V sits.

- Flexibility exercises: both leg splits, straddle with chest down, bridge, pike fold.

- Acrobatics moves: Backward roll to straddle, Handstand forward roll, Cartwheel, Round-off, Dive forward roll.

- 2 minute aerial piece in your chosen skill.

The audition will also involve a tour of the space and a private interview with the course director. This will be a chance to ask any questions or discuss any concerns.


If you are applying from abroad and unable to make an audition in person you can provide us with a video audition. Please provide the following on camera:

- State your name, age and tell us why you want to join the AirCraft Circus Academy Intermediate Course in Circus Arts.

- Demonstration of strength (if floor and aerial equipment is available to you) - Pull ups, Leg Lifts, Rope Climb, Press Ups, V Sits.

- Demonstration of basic acrobatics - Forward Roll, Backward Roll to Straddle, Handstand Forward Roll, Cartwheel, Round Off, Handspring, Back Flip (can be assisted), Kick Up to Handstand and Hold.

- Demonstration of flexibility - Right Leg Split, Left Leg Split, Straddle Chest on Floor, Box Split, Pike Fold, Bridge.

- Skill demonstrations in static, hoop, silks, rope and Chinese pole.


- We are looking for technical ability, strength, flexibility, passion, flair and potential.

Please remember this is an intermediate course so we are not looking for advanced skill but you will need a solid foundation across the board of our core skills.


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