Learn Circus at London's Leading Independent Circus School

AirCraft Circus Academy is committed to making circus training accessible to everyone. We believe in making the impossible possible for people who want to learn or use circus arts to enrich their lives.  Whatever your ability, you have the potential to shine! 

We use circus to help people grow in self esteem, improve fitness, increase quality of life, learn professional skills, and gain access to meaningful work. We make learning and getting fit extremely fun and personally rewarding. AirCraft Circus Academy is a place where people are both challenged and cherished. 

Our school has been training youth, adults, upcoming professionals and professionals in circus arts for the last 10 years. We offer our brand new (June 2018) fully rigged professional space and our trained, professional and respectful expertise to liberate people and communities; we help them meet, play, exercise, train, create productions together, find work, and celebrate successes – small and large.

We work with our local community to offer them exciting opportunities for personal development and we work with local schools to help them provide a rounded education for their children. We mentor young people to help them work towards a career in the performing arts and we use the learning methodology of a performance to teach enterprise, marketing, sales, health & safety, rigging, and basic first aid. 

 There is no better place in London to start your circus journey!

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