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Acrobatics and Handstands

Acrobatics and Handstands

Acrobatics, aka the 'King of Sports'

Acrobatics is known as the 'king of sports'; it is said there is no other sport that can't be undertaken better with a grounding in acrobatics! Using our air tumble track, skills will include: handstands, cartwheels, backflips, somersaults and trampette. A significant portion of each class will be dedicated to handstands as learning how to perform a handstand properly is one of the most important steps to becoming a good circus performer, who seem as at home walking on their hands as on their feet. Develop core strength, balance, stamina and agility. The 6 week Acrobatics course is for all levels.

Course 65
6 Week Acrobatics and Handstands Course
Starting Tuesday
28 March 2017
TUE 19.00-21.00 All Levels


Drop-in classes, list the date you wish to attend in the special instructions.

Adult evening classes are for ages 16+
Please note, all bookings are final. AirCraft Circus adult students and AirTime users are required to become Hangar Arts Trust members. The membership fee of £30 is payable before starting your first class with us and must be renewed each year in January.
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