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Flying Trapeze
Flying Trapeze
Flying Trapeze
Flying Trapeze
Flying Trapeze
Flying Trapeze

Flying Trapeze

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Fly through the air with the greatest of ease …

Flying Trapeze is the classic circus art – beautiful, inspirational and frequently breathtaking. It's all about taking a risk, being in the moment and acting on instinct. Take classes with us at AirCraft Circus and you'll learn to build strength, stamina, grace and flexibility.

Flying Trapeze training can eventually lead to professional troupe-based performance.

A good level of fitness is required to undertake this course. Stretching before and after training is essential.

*Please Note: At AirCraft Circus we fly on a petit volant rig, landing on mats.

Course 65
6 Week Flying Trapeze Course
Starting Thursday
30 March 2017
THU 18.45-20.30 All Levels

Drop-in classes, list the date you wish to attend in the special instructions.

Adult evening classes are for ages 16+

Please note, all bookings are final. AirCraft Circus adult students and AirTime users are required to become Hangar Arts Trust members. The membership fee of £30 is payable before starting your first class with us and must be renewed each year in January.
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