If I were to ask everyone I knew how they would describe circus, every single person would give me a different answer; if you look circus up in the dictionary you will find this: 
Circus encompasses so much, from travelling circus as described above, all the way to circus for fitness, circus is for everyone! When asked this question myself? I would narrow it down to three words, but let me elaborate.
Family - from when I first started to learn circus skills in a weekly class, until now, where I am surrounded by it 24/7; circus is family. From the very beginning I felt as though I was being welcomed into a family, supported through every achievement and every setback; and free to be entirely myself.
Fun - learning, performing, and training in circus is, when put simply, fun! Every day I am surrounded by likeminded individuals who love what they do, sure, training can be difficult sometimes; but when you’re surrounded by people who are just as excited as you are, you’ll always have fun!
Passion - as well as being great for fitness, circus is an art form, and I always find I am surrounded by creative, passionate people; being in an environment that promotes these qualities, builds them in me. I always want to do more, express more, create more, and learn more. 
I don’t think you can define circus in a sentence, there’s so many different branches of it, which only makes it more exciting; because there’s so much to experience, and a part of it for everyone.
How would you define circus?