Circus Consultancy

Circus Consultancy: Rigging, Directing and Choreography
Aircraft Circus Consultancy provides circus expertise to organizations across the UK and Europe.  Lucy Francis and Nik Litton have built a reputation as creative, can-do consultants on projects for over 20 years, which range from west end shows, commercial stage shows, opening and closing ceremonies, circus choreography, theatrical flying and stunt effects, teaching actors and dancers circus skills, and photo and video shoots.

  Cadbury 2019 Filmed at AirCraft Circus Academy, featuring Director Lucy Francis and performer Darren Donnelly

Secret Cinema Moulin Rouge 2017, featuring director Lucy Francis on Trapeze, Rigged by director Nik Litton (Photo Secret Cinema)

The ArcelorMittal Orbit Launch 2014 (Queen Victoria Park), featuring director Lucy Francis, rigged by AirCraft Circus (Photo Robin Boot)

Nik Litton (Circus Rigger)

Nik has specialised with circus consultancy, rigging, theatre and stunt effects, performer flying effects, and designing bespoke circus equipment, since 2002. Alongside a performing and teaching circus career, Nik has designed and equipped 3 circus schools, and has become a well established circus rigger and consultant within the industry. He has rigged multiple in house circus shows at AirCraft Circus Academy and out house shows from Aircraft Circus performance, at festivals, community events, Hoxton Hall, Stubnitz, Jackson's Lane, O2 Arena, Underbelly, The Vaults, Canary Wharf, Royal Albert Hall, Secret Cinema, plus multiple corporate events. 

Specialist skills include:

  • Aerial installation
  • Performer flying
  • Stunt rigging/wirework
  • Green Screen
  • Counterweighting
  • Circus equipment
  • Bespoke theatrical FX
  • Anchor point installation
  • Building temporary structures
  • Fabricating props
  • Load testing

Lucy Francis (Circus Director and Choreographer)

Lucy has been involved in circus performing, choreography and teaching since 2000 and choreographing and directing circus shows since 2008. Most recently she directed Sizzling Hot Circus for AirCraft Circus Performance Company 2019. Past shows include Sizzling Hot Circus, Boudoir Circus, Midnight Circus, Midsummer Circus and Submersion. 


  • Cadbury's Protein Boost Launch
  • Regents Park Open Air Theatre 2019: A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Old Billingsgate Market: Star Wars Wrap Party
  • The Vaults: Alice In Wonderland bespoke rigging
  • Secret Cinema: Moulin Rouge 2017 (Trapeze Fall)
  • McBusted music video Air Guitar
  • Will Young music video Jealousy
  • Arthur Pita Stepmother Stepfather
  • Mischief Theatre 2014-2017: A Comedy About A Bank Robbery, Peter Pan Goes Wrong and The Play That Goes Wrong
  • ArcelorMittal Orbit launch
  • London 2012: Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • The Full Monty 2014: (Harness & Rope Stunts)
  • O2 Arena: World Skills 2011
  • Download Festival 2011
  • Wella International 2009: Templehof Airport Berlin
  • Novello Theatre: Desperately Seeking Susan 
  • Royal Albert Hall: 5m fall for climatic death of Tosca (Ramond Gubbay)
  • Glyndbourne Opera: Hansel and Gretel fall effect
  • Shakespeares Globe 2008: Timon of Athens actors were trained in bungee effects over the theatre courtyard to critical acclaim.
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