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Everyone who attends AirCraft Circus Academy MUST fill out a Membership form. Membership fee is required for all those wanting to participate in AirTime sessions; in order to sustain our AirTime sessions at a minimum cost. Membership fee is already...
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AirTime is for those wishing to self train at AirCraft Circus Academy.  You will need to be inducted and an up to date member.  We offer monthly membership for visiting professionals.   PLEASE NOTE: We kindly request at least 24 hours...
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To train in our AirTime sessions you are required to be inducted into using our space, the induction will take around 20-30 minutes, and helps us to ensure that you are able to train safely and unsupervised. To book your...
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Carnet Card


Carnet cards are only available to AirTime members, who have been inducted and have paid membership. Our carnet cards are valid for 10 AirTime training sessions. Purchase a carnet card to receive discounted AirTime training sessions. AirTime training sessions cost...
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