Frequently Asked Questions | AirCraft Circus Performance & Circus Training in London

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Close fitting clothes and layers to protect the skin and to keep warm are best.  Do not wear shorts with bare skin.  You can however wear leggings and put shorts on top.  You must not wear jeans (except for Chinese Pole, so long as they are not skinny fit), as they are not flexible enough to train in.  All jewellery and watches must be removed before the start of class.  For Chinese Pole, recommended footwear is as follows: tabi boots (with outdoor rubber sole), feiyue martial arts shoes, converse or plimsoles.

Where do I put my belongings?

There are box cubbyhole shelves on the Mezzanine (1st floor) and also in the Yoga Studio (ground floor).  These 2 locations are where your classes would take place,  and you can store your belongings in them while in class. Please note that no footwear is permitted in the Yoga Studio. In both the Mezz and Yoga locations no food is permitted and only bottled water allowed. AirCraft Circus does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items. 

Am I too young / too old?

Circus is for any age.  Adults courses are for 16 years and up and Youth courses run between the ages of 4 – 17 years old.

How fit do I have to be?

We aim to provide something for everyone so even if you cannot participate in all activities there will be one for you.  Taster classes offer insight into what a course would demand, and is structured so that all abilities would enjoy the experience, so no previous ability required. Good upper body strength and body awareness will be advantageous though.

Is there an upper weight limit for the aerial apparatus?

No.  Equipment is suitable to safely hold several performers at a single time, from petite size to those of a larger stature.  The acts that train here range from single, double and triple performers sharing a single piece of equipment.  Circus activity is truly open to anyone and it’s more about the confidence you have to try said skill.  Accomplishment can be achieved on a variety of levels, so it can be a positive experience no matter how skilled you are at the chosen activity.

I have an injury, may I still participate?

On your membership form, you will complete medical information and disclaimer.  Also alert your teacher of any injuries or conditions prior to class, so that they are aware. If you are in doubt, please consult your doctor before you visit with us.

My class falls on a Bank Holiday, are you still open?

Yes, AirCraft Circus runs as normal.  Please ensure you attend your class as it can not be transferred or made-up on another date.


I'm running late, may I enter the class?

Warm-up is an important part of preparing for class, reducing the risk of injury.  As such, please arrive in time for scheduled class start.  Should you arrive late, you can of course still participate, but be aware of the potential injury risk you subject yourself to.

Can I pay for a class with instalments?

No.  All products and services must be paid for in advance and in full.

My family / friends want to watch, is that possible?

No.  For health and safety reasons individuals not participating in the class are not permitted onto the Mezz or Yoga Studio.  Should you have guests with you, they are welcome to wait for you in the building common lounge area.

Where do I find information about AirTime (personal practice)?

Please visit the Hangar Arts Trust website: for AirTime, space hire and more.

Can I audition to join your performance company?

No.  As a private company we do not hold auditions for individuals to join our performance troupe.  Many of the artists we currently work with have been hand selected after their enrollment in our Foundation Course.  Should this change in the future, details will be amended here and information on how to go about it posted.

Do I qualify for a DISCOUNT?

Discount off full-price courses are offered on Adult 6 Week Cycles, providing you supply the appropriate identification for the following:  NUS, JSA, OAP, Greenwich One Card, Military ID, South London Club or are a full-time AirCraft Circus teacher.  Identification will be checked when you arrive for your first class, if you can not provide it, the balance will be due for the full course fee.

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