Circus Skills Information

Learn circus skills at London's oldest and leading independent Circus School, AirCraft circus Academy. Here you can find out what the skills encompass so you can customise your own circus event.

 Learn the art of total support as your group uses each other’s hands, feet, shoulders and back to balance against each other. You’ll develop trust, awareness and sensitivity, as you discover that even the slightest movement can shift the balance and transform your leaning tower of Pisa into an Arc de Triomphe!

ACROBATICS: Acrobatics is known as the 'king of sports'; it is said there is no other sport that can't be undertaken better with a grounding in acrobatics! Using our air tumble track, skills will include: handstands, cartwheels, backflips along with a hose of other actions to make you bounce your way down the track!

AERIAL HOOP: A spherical piece of apparatus to move into stunning shapes and positions like "man in the moon"!

DIABLO: Similar to a yo-yo, but just on a bigger scale! This hourglass shaped object is spun using a string attached to hand held sticks - and it takes a high level of skill to keep this spinning without getting all tangled up.

FLYING TRAPEZE: Flying Trapeze is the classic circus art – beautiful, inspirational and frequently breathtaking. It's all about taking a risk, being in the moment and acting on instinct (rest assured though, you will be completely safe in a safety harness!

HULA HOOP: Learn how to keep that Hula Hoop going around your waist, above your head plus more.

JUGGLING: Keep your eye on those balls… At Aircraft Circus Academy we believe that anyone can learn the art of juggling three balls – not only by themselves, but as a group! Our innovative approach to juggling teaches spatial awareness and focus.

PLATE SPINNING: Learn how to keep plates in the air, and when you've got that, then try balancing it on your chin, forehead and even nose.

SILKS: Tissue, ribbon, fabric - this graceful aerial art will have you all wrapped up in beautiful skill.

STATIC TRAPEZE: is just as it sounds – the trapeze bar stays still and you do all the movement. It takes stamina, determination and self-belief, but by the end of a session with Aircraft Circus Academy you’ll learn the satisfaction of achieving the core moves necessary to put together a basic routine. Because static is all about flair, performance and presentation – it’s showtime!

TIGHT-WIRE: Test out your balance skill walking along a tensioned wire between two points.