Creation Studio

Creation Studio
Looking for a beautiful space to express your creativity?  The Creation Studio has a diverse range of applications.
  • Full space 9.5m x 9m x H6m
  • Blank white painted wall 3.3m x H4.7m
  • Dance-floor rollout, sound proofing cushion underlay (9.6m x 6m)
  • Mirrored wall 4.85m x H1.8m
  • Double doors into space or larger delivery access with roller shutter 5.4m x H1.5m (requires forklift usage chargeable £25/hour)
  • Roller shutter is solid metal (only offering natural light if opened, but then open to weather elements)
  • Rigging set-up in studio: x2 silks, x4 single points (additional rigging available - chargeable)
  • PA/lightbox sound system
  • Crash mats x2 included with hire (when requested)
  • Catwalk rigging grid access (for qualified users)
  • White LED overhead lighting
  • 4 PVC corrugated roofing skylight sheets (providing natural light weather dependant, no side wall windows)
Rates (commercial hire rates may vary):
£50 per hour (1000 - 1800, subject to time/date reallocation if 1/2 or full day booking is received)
£150 1/2 day (4 hours 1000 - 1400 or 1400 - 1800)
£250 1 day (8 hours 1000 - 1800)

Creation Studio (various rehearsals)
Creation Studio (showing 6m height of the space)

Creation Studio AirCraft Circus
Creation Studio (
variety of aerial/ground circus apparatus available for hire)