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AirCraft Circus is a south-London based Circus Training School and Professional Performance Company.

At AirCraft Circus, we are committed to transforming ability and accessibility in circus arts within the UK. We believe in making the impossible possible for people who want to learn or use circus arts.

TRAINERS: Our approach to training focuses on enhancing fitness, physical ability and wellbeing in a nurturing, safe yet challenging environment.

PERFORMANCE: We produce heart-pounding live action performance and choreography for events, installations, festivals, and more.

CONSULTANTS: We thrive on creative problem solving as professional consultants for live shows, broadcast, and film.

AirCraft Circus is an independent company based at the incredible Hangar Arts Trust, London’s new home for urban circus.

AirCraft Circus' philosophy is: whatever your ability, we know you have the potential to shine

The Company
AirCraft Circus (AirCraft Circus Ltd, AirCraft Education and AirCraft Equipment) were founded by Alex Frith, Nik Litton, Moira Campbell and Lucy Francis, four individuals who are committed to transforming ability and accessibility in circus arts within the UK. 

Our personal training as individual artists covers flying, static, bungee and doubles trapeze, triples trapeze, silks, double silks, hoop, doubles hoop, rope, acrobalance, juggling, wall running, clowning, modern and classical dance… To be honest, there’s not much we haven’t trained in! (Well maybe not Wheel of Death… yet…)
Alex Frith
Artistic Director
Circus Consulting and Performance Coordinator

Lucy Francis
Financial Director and Course Coordinator
Head Coach for Aerial and Acrobatics
Nik Litton
Technical Director
Rigging and Equipment hire
Moira Campbell
Marketing and Programme Director

For full company profiles: Meet the Team

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