About Us

Aircraft Circus Academy is London’s oldest and leading independent circus training school based in Woolwich, South East London.

The school has been training youth, adults and professionals in circus arts for the last 10 years.  We are actively involved in creating and staging heart-pounding contemporary circus shows in the UK and abroad as AirCraft Circus Performance company. Performance highlights include How the Light Gets in Festival 2018, Underbelly Festival 2017, Secret Cinema Moulin Rouge 2017, London Olympics Opening Ceremony, Orbit Launch, Royal Opera House, Royal Albert Hall, National Theatre, Download, Wilderness, Glastonbury, Royal Court of Justice, Britain's Got Talent and many more. 

We are committed to making circus training accessible to everyone and believe in making the impossible possible, especially for people who want to learn or use circus arts to enrich their lives. Whatever your starting ability, everyone has the potential to shine, it's just a matter of training and the right guidance.




OUR TRAINERS: Our approach to training focuses on enhancing fitness, physical ability and wellbeing in a nurturing, safe, yet challenging environment. We are known for having the best circus teachers in London, widely known for their elite level of education and performance.

CIRCUS TRAINING SPACE: After 10 years within the Hangar Arts Trust building, in June 2018 we moved to a brand new training venue that allowed us to elevate our students training to the next level. The venue includes state-of-the-art facilities with 3 different studios to train in, a dedicated stretching area, sauna, changing room, and a kitchen/lounge area to refuel or rest after a work out.

We produce heart-pounding live action performance and choreography for events, installations, festivals, and more.

The History of AirCraft Circus 

AirCraft Circus was originally founded in 2002 by Alex Frith and Nik Litton based in a warehouse called 'The Hangar' in Stratford, East London. In 2007 they moved premises (due to the London Olympics) into the Hangar Arts Trust building based in Woolwich.  Here Alex and Nik were joined by Lucy Francis and Moira Campbell until 2017. In 2018, after 10 years with Hangar Arts Trust and the departure of Alex and Moira, Lucy and Nik decided to take on their own space and continue to run AirCraft Circus. They started plans to design a brand new circus training space (rebranded to AirCraft Circus Academy) to elevate the level of facilities offered to students. In June 2018, the new circus training space successfully opened, starting an exciting new chapter in the company's history.

AirCraft Circus Academy Directors

LUCY FRANCIS - Company Director
Head Trainer, Director & Choreographer for AirCraft Circus Performance 
Email: lucy@aircraftcircus.com

Lucy began her circus training in 1998 at the top circus school in the country - National Centre of Circus Arts - in preparation for the spectacular Millennium Dome Central Show 2000.  She has been performing internationally ever since and has also created, choreographed and performed her own shows. Highlights include Howthelightgetsin 2018, Underbelly Festival 2017, Secret Cinema Moulin Rouge 2017, London Olympics, Orbit Launch, Royal Opera House, Royal Albert Hall, National Theatre, Download, Wilderness, Glastonbury, Royal Court of Justice, Savoy Hotel, Speedo, Adidas, Britain's Got Talent.

NIK LITTON - Operations Director
Head of Rigging and Equipment Hire
Email: nik@aircraftcircus.com

Nik ran away with the circus aged 32, enrolling on the degree programme at the now National Centre of Circus Arts.  Since then he has been performing, teaching and rigging ever since.  Highlights include Underbelly Festival 2017, Secret Cinema Moulin Rouge 2017, Howthelightgetsin, London Olympics Rigger, Orbit Launch Rigger, Royal Opera House, National Theatre, Download, Wilderness, Glastonbury, Royal Court of Justice, Savoy Hotel.

Both Lucy and Nik taught at the National Centre for Circus Arts for 10 years covering the adult, youth, degree, corporate and intro to circus training programmes. Their expertise as individual artists covers flying trapeze and cradle, harness, static trapeze, bungee trapeze, doubles trapeze, triples trapeze, silks, double silks, aerial hoop, doubles hoop, rope, acrobalance, juggling, wall running, clowning, acrobatics, handstands, unicycle, stilts and a spot of diablo and roller boller too!

For more company profiles, please see Meet the Team