Circus Parties and Workshops - General Information

AirCraft Circus Academy, London, provides you with an exciting way to celebrate an event. Try out a range of circus skills within a safe environment, with instructors to help guide and assist you in enjoying your circus activities. Workshops are bespokely quoted, so dream as big as you like, it can happen! Or maybe you need some entertainment for an event you are hosting. Look no further than AirCraft Circus Performance. Professional circus artists providing you with an array of options, from single acts to an entire show!

Workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities, and offers the perfect way to have fun and be active. A great way to bring a group of people together, providing an experience both educational and inspiring.

Your group can explore and develop key qualities of trust, awareness, courage, focus and spontaneity through a variety of core circus skills, such as: Acrobalance, Acrobatics, Diablo, Hula Hoop, Juggling, Plate Spinning, Silks, Static Trapeze, Tight-wire and even Flying Trapeze.

AirCraft Circus Academy work with you to design a workshop that’s tailor-made to your needs.


A specially trained team will liaise with you to create a unique and inspiring workshop that will never be forgotten. Whatever your preference, once you decide on Aircraft Circus Academy, you can relax in the knowledge that we’ll take care of everything – booking you the best circus trainers in the UK and ensuring all aspects of your comfort and safety for you to have a memorable and amazing Circus workshop.

If you would like a specific quotation for your workshop or if you need any further information please contact us on 020 8317 8401 or complete the form below:-