Daisy Vincent

Aerial and Acrobatic Trainer - Performer

Daisy grew up in Switzerland and spent her early years training gymnastics, fencing, karate, kick boxing and flamenco dancing. Always looking for an active lifestyle, Daisy discovered aerial hoop at AirCraft Circus Academy in 2014. After gaining a degree in History and masters in forensic anthropology, she started training hoop on our adult programme here at AirCraft. She progressed onto silks and rope and after a while Daisy realised that she had the bug and developed her skills into acts. She has performed with AirCraft on hoop, strap loops, rope, chinese pole and cyr wheel. Daisy also started teaching for AirCraft in 2015, particularly focusing on the youth programme.

In 2016, she joined Aircraft Circus Academy's full time course at the Intermediate level and went on to perform across London and the UK. Daisy still performs and teaches at AirCraft Circus Academy today.