Foundation 19 & Intermediate 6 Spring 2019

Holly Walsh (Foundation)

Holly had always wanted to be a contortionist and after years of self training she decided to do our Foundation course. Holly said it was the most amazing 4 months of her life, and since graduating she has been performing aerial hoop at London Zoo 'Zoo Nights'.

Luke Walker (Foundation) 

Originally trained as a dancer, Luke joined the Foundation course and specialised in Chinese Pole. Since graduating he has taken up straps training.

Kamila Borek (Foundation)

Kamila joined our course aged 32 in order to fulfil one of her life ambitions, to become a circus performer. Since graduating she continues to train aerial arts.

Imogen Hunte (Foundation)

Originally trained as a dancer at Laban, Imogen joined our course with the aim of gaining aerial knowledge as an extra skill. Since graduating she continues to train aerial arts and dance.

Priya Gohel (Foundation)

This was Priya's first ever Static Trapeze performance.  She said she never imagined she would be able to do it. Thanks to Aircraft Circus Academy! 

Deniz Kiani (Intermediate)

Deniz trained as a gymnast when she was a child, and has been training pole as an adult. She specialised in straps on our course and has also created a hoop act, which she now performs in a bigtop circus show.


Clyde Gembickas (Intermediate)

Clyde is a World class Sports Acrobat, who came to us to learn circus skills. Since graduating he has returned to Sports Acrobatics with the hope of creating a circus acrobatic act for future circus shows.

Viktorija Sibakovskyte (Intermediate)

Viktorija is a trained dancer and came to us to learn aerial arts and contortion. Since graduating she has been working on the London cabaret circus scene as a professional performer.

Sukey Calladine (Intermediate)
Since graduating from our Foundation & Intermediate Courses, Sukey has been teaching here at AirCraft on our youth program and is part of our performance company. She has just been accepted into The Scuola di Cirko Vertigo in Turin, Italy.  

Anastasiia Erose (Intermediate)

Anastasiia was a professional figure skater and roller skater duo from Russia. She specialised in aerial rope and web on our course, and has since returned to performing as a skater and aerialist.