George Johnson

Aerial Trainer - Performer - Administration

Growing up George was very active, taking part in any sports he had the chance to but ended up spending most of his time cartwheeling around the field and not paying much attention to the sport being played! After starting secondary school George took up acting at the local theatre guild, where he stayed for 7 years performing in numerous shows. He then studied acting at Miskin Theatre for 3 years focusing on acting, musical theatre and movement.

After talking a short aerial workshop at college George became intrigued to learn more and signed up at AirCraft Circus Academy for a taster session in flying trapeze. He immediately fell in love and enrolled himself on the full time 16 week intensive course. He loved it so much he did it again and developed acts in hoop, rope, acrobalance and juggling. George is still pursuing his performing career alongside, teaching and reception work here at AirCraft Circus.