Sukey Calladine

Aerial and Acrobatic Trainer - Performer

Sukey grew up in Kent and originally trained as a dancer and gymnast before training here at AirCraft Circus Academy. She attended our Foundation and Intermediate full time circus training programmes in 2018 and 2019. She performed on aerial silks and dance trapeze before going on to develop her skills at Cirko Vertigo in Italy. Here she specialised in dance trapeze and learning Italian!

Since returning to the UK, Sukey has been teaching circus on the Youth Programme here at AirCraft Circus Academy and silks at Southwark Gymnastics club, on behalf of AirCraft Circus. Sukey has also begun training contortion, aerial hoop and hula hoop and regularly performs in our in-house cabarets. In her spare time, Sukey does amazing beautiful paintings of people doing circus.