We're so thankful that we have been able to open our doors again these past couple of months, and have been so happy to welcome you all back to our studios! Over these two months we've seen lots of people getting back to training after a break, and have been getting back to training ourselves; below we share our top three tips for getting back into training...

  1. Don't expect to be able to do everything you could do before - six months off is a long time. We can't expect our bodies to be able to bounce back just like that, allow your body the time to ease back into things; and plan your training sessions to facilitate this.
  2. Do what feels right for you - we are doing everything we can to ensure our venue is a covid safe environment, and feel confident training within it, but we understand that not everyone is ready to return to group classes and self training away from home. It's important that you listen to your own mind, and only take the steps you are comfortable with.
  3. Give your brain the same space you give your body - we've talked about giving your body time to ease back into things, and it's important that you give your brain the same time. Life has changed drastically over the past year, and is still changing; it would be wrong of us to ask our brains to carry on as normal, recognise that this year has has presented different challenges than usual, and give your brain the space to figure out how to work in this new normal.

If you've found any of these tips useful let us know, and if you have additional tips for getting back to training let us know those too!