aerial and circus fitness classes london

In recent years the popularity of circus and aerial fitness has increased massively, but if you’re still unsure about the trend check out these 4 benefits of taking circus and aerial fitness classes!

  1. Strength - People often believe they cannot take up circus classes due to lack of strength, this is completely untrue. In both aerial and acrobatics classes, there are plenty of beginner level exercises that will help you build strength in muscles you didn’t even know existed; and will give you the physical strength to learn more advanced moves!
  2. Coordination - I’m one of the most un coordinated people you will ever meet, but taking circus and aerial classes has taught me about how to co-ordinate my body and limbs, to be able to perform beautiful moves, and dynamic skills; which has since transferred into my day to day life.
  3. Flexibility - having a good level of flexibility helps you in whatever you do! Taking circus and aerial fitness classes naturally develops flexibility, as you progress in classes the moves you complete require a mixture of strength and flexibility; that is naturally built throughout each class. As Lucy always says, it will help you tie your shoelaces!
  4. Skill - learning new skills is incredibly rewarding! In circus classes you are achieving things every lesson - there’s always something new to learn, or a technique to refine; constantly learning new things only motivates you to work harder in classes, meaning you’re always reaping the rewards circus for fitness offers!

I could talk about the benefits of circus and aerial classes for fitness for pages and pages, but I’ll leave it at four for now! Have you tried any circus and aerial classes? Did you experience any of these benefits?