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Just over two years ago I moved to London to take part in AirCraft Circus Academy’s Foundation Course in Circus Arts - I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made!

I took part in the foundation course from September to December, and I’ve never been happier than I was during those four months. The training was intensive, days ran from nine thirty until five, and there was definitely an initial period of adjustment; both mentally and physically, to training so intensely. The focus in classes was on good technique and knowledge of the subject, all with the intention of equipping us with the skills to create our own act at the end of the course. My favourite classes were flying trapeze, aerial hoop, and chinese pole (the discipline I decided to create an act in) - but I truly enjoyed all of my classes.

On finishing the course, I knew I wanted to take part in the Intermediate Course in Circus Arts; so after a six week break, I returned to London to take part in the intermediate course for 21 weeks!

For me, the course was a very different experience to the foundation, due to a series of minor but prohibiting injuries (which happened outside of the course itself), I wasn’t able to take part in all classes. The teachers on the course were passionate about individual progression, and made sure that everyone was learning at their own rate; and I got so much from the course because of how much all the teachers cared about individual progression - on and off the equipment.

I graduated from the intermediate course in June last year, and have stuck around ever since! When you train at AirCraft Circus Academy you become a part of the family, I now train and perform with AirCraft’s in-house company, AirCraft Circus Performance, work as a trainer on the full time courses, and help with marketing AirCraft!

Choosing to take part in the full time courses that run here truly changed my life, the community that surrounds the academy is incredible, and the skills I gained from the course have benefited me in all aspects fo my life; and I know that I will never look back and regret the decision I made two years ago!