Are you looking to train a little more than your weekly aerial class, perhaps add in some conditioning between classes, work on your flexibility, or even add in another class - but you’re not really sure where to start?

Training regimes are hard to perfect, and even harder to start. They look different for everyone, and you have to build something that works for you. But just what is it that you should consider? Here’s what we think:

  1. Start by thinking about what it is you want to achieve - would you like to improve your aerial stamina, your flexibility, or perhaps create a routine?
  2. Think about what it will take to reach your goal - you may want to add short strength and flexibility routines to your schedule each day, or before each class you take part in; some self training at your aerial gym if you are at a level where you are able to be signed off to self train. Or perhaps attending an act creation course, or devising workshops.
  3. Add these new routines/classes to your weekly schedule - monitor your progress and revise your new elements if you need to.

It takes time to figure out a training regime that suits you, and they will often change and develop over time. Do you have a regime that suits you? Or have you been changing yours up lately? We’d love to hear more about them!