circus and aerial fitness goals

As a new year begins it is natural for us to be thinking more about our goals, as well as reflecting on our past achievements. We wanted to share some of our tips for setting and achieving goals in circus and aerial classes.

  1. Set specific goals that can be measured over time - for example achieving a straddle invert, a left leg split, or a pull up.
  2. Ask for help - ask your circus and aerial trainers for advice and exercises to help you. Work on these exercises as consistently as you can, even if that is only once a week during class.
  3. Reflect on your progress - frequently reflect on how you are doing, through photos, videos, notes on your phone, or in a journal. It is important to understand how far you have come.
  4. Don’t worry if you don’t see results - progress happens in waves, and often life gets in the way. Keep pushing towards your goal, because it can be achieved. If you feel something isn’t working look at what you are currently doing, and revise it.
  5. Celebrate your achievements - no matter how small you feel your achievement may be, it deserves to be celebrated!

Do you have any circus and aerial goals for 2020? We would love to hear all about them!