There are so many options to partake in aerial fitness that sometimes it can all seem a little overwhelming. With the rise of aerial circus classes for fitness over the past few years, when people think of circus they often think of aerial straight away - but circus encompasses so much more!

There are lots of alternative skills to aerial skills in circus, take a look at some of them below:

Tight-wire: Tight-wire is the art of balancing on a wire tensioned between two anchor points, tight-wire develops balance and co-ordination skills, as well as conditioning your core strength. It’s an incredibly fun exercise that requires practice to master, but can be accessed by anyone!

Juggling: Juggling is another exercise that builds co-ordination skills, as well as core and shoulder strength. After mastering three ball juggling there are many options for advancing - learning three ball tricks, juggling with more balls, club juggling, and partner juggling.

Poi: Poi is spinning two weighted ribbons/objects around yourself in various different patterns, it is great for developing core and shoulder strength, as well as co-ordination and focus skills. Poi can be practised in various different forms, including fire, LED, and ribbons.

Have you ever tried any of these skills? They are fantastic forms of alternative exercise, and can be anything from low to high intensity dependant upon how they are trained. Let us know if you’d like to see more content around alternative circus skills to aerial!