We run intensive courses in circus arts four times a year here at AirCraft Circus Academy. With two one month intensives, and two four month intensives, we have full time students in nearly the entire year; and it’s our favourite thing to do! Today we’re going to share our tips for preparing for our four month intensive - the Full Time Course in Circus Arts.

  1. Where possible rent a room close the the academy - the training days are long, and rest is important; you don’t want to spend three to four hours commuting each day!
  2. Expect an adjustment period - training runs from 10-5, and will initially be a big adjustment for your body and mind. Challenge yourself, but make sure to take care of yourself through rest, nutrition, and injury prevention techniques (which you’ll learn on the course).
  3. Bring a notebook - we recommend taking notes during classes, when you are learning so much each day it’s easy to forget things if they’re not recorded.
  4. Ask questions - if you’re ever unsure of something, ask! All of our teachers and staff members will be happy to help you, whatever your query may be.
  5. Learn to listen to your body - training intensively will mean you are likely to feel more niggles and tiredness in your body and mind. Listen to your body and rest when you need to, you can still take notes in classes. It’s better to sit out for two days than two weeks!

Starting the course can be an exciting and nerve-racking time, but as long as you take everything day by day, and put your all into the course; you will have an incredible experience! Got questions about the course - leave them below…